University Partnerships

Bridge the gap between your University and Innovation
We support Universities seeking to foster student entreupreunership and startups. Below are our partnership models.

1. Platform for Universities Only - no cost

Our Univation Platform, in which Incubators and Accelerators run, is offered for free to Universities, to run:

  • University Competitions
  • Educational Programs
  • Startup Programs


  1. Platform for Universities
  2. $100 Google Ads credits /per program

Application Process

The Platform + Google Ads credits are instantly accessible to Professors, Faculty and Student Organizers.

Univation Platform for your University

2. Univation Hub Program - no cost

A complete solution to develop Student Entrepreneurship and Startups creation in the University.

Programs included:

  • Univation Startups | 3-month Student Startup Program
  • Univation Fund | Funding Student Startups with up to $10,000 - Learn more here
  • Innovation Day | Innovation Training Sessions for Professors and Faculty
  • Tech and the City | Inspirational Event - From Student to Entrepreneur
  • Univation Platform | Unlimited usage


  1. Platform for Universities
  2. $300 Google Ads credits /per program
  3. Operations & Training support for the Univation Hub program
  4. Pre-seed Funding for new Startups with up to $10.000 - from 2023
  5. Ready-to-use Curriculum and Courses for Startups and Entrepreneurship - from September
  6. Access to the 1.000+ Univation Mentors - from September
  7. In-Demand Services (Program Planning, Curriculum Building, Marketing, Brand Design, Mentors Scouting) - learn more here
  8. Access to other Univation Programs

Application Process

Professors or Students can apply. Later, a Partnership Agreement must be signed between University's Rector or Vice Rector and Univation.

Univation Hub for your University