Creating a 3-min Video

to Promote your Program

Steps to create your 3-min Program Video:

0. Complete this form, if you haven't already.

  • We'll email you back with a Presentation Link to use for the video.

1. Install the Loom plugin on your browser to record the video

  • Create an account
  • Install the Chrome or Edge plugin

2. Plan your words

  • You can use the text submitted in the form as a Template

3. Record a test Video, to be sure mic and cam are working fine

  • Caution: Watch the test video and be sure that audio is working!
  • If you cannot hear a thing, change the microphone option in Loom recording popup, settings

4. Final Details

  • In Loom, choose the small circle for the camera, and apply the blur filter
  • Open the presentation link we've sent to you, in Full Screen mode
  • Take pauses and close fully your month after each period or paragraph, to help us edit the video easily
  • Make it in one take. Slips of tongue will happen. What you can do, is to repeat the same phrases again and correctly, and will edit out the bad ones.

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Minas Marios Kontis
June 9, 2022