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Partnerships with Universities and Nonprofit Organizations

Seeking to support the Universities and Nonprofits that organizes Startup and Entrepreneurship programs, we provide the Univation Incubators Platform for Free, to run programs seamlessly, automate operations and provide a great experience to the participants, plus we provide you with a $1,000 Google Ads campaign, to promote the University's or Organization's program.

For Universities

As the natural place where ideas are born, Universities have accelerated their way into the future, developing Startup and Entrepreneurship programs, organizing Hackathons and Startup Weekends, so their Students to become the creators of tomorrow.

Since Covid-19, most of the programs shut-down, especially in campuses without know-how on running online Programs. The few that continue to happen were challenged with the chaotic and time-consuming operations of running it remotely.

Problems of running a program without our Platform:

  • need of web design skills to create a website for the program
  • manual management and communication with received applications
  • manual coordination of program's courses and connection of participants with mentors.

The Univation Incubators Platform, is a solution to these, as it helps organizers and program managers to:

  • Create an Application Page (website) for their program, instantly
  • Enable Applications through customizable forms and Automate the evaluation
  • Provide Courses, send Announcements, and connect Mentors with participants
  • Design the interactive Business Model Canvas template and ask participants to complete it

For Nonprofits and Organizations

Organizations and Nonprofit Incubators can also take advantage of the Univation Incubators Platform and run their programs and workshops online, hybrid or even in-person, automating operations, and providing a great experience to the participants.

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