Marketing for Incubators & Accelerators

Develop your Brand, Schedule a Press Launch, Leverage Social Media and
Make Mentors your promoters
If your Incubator is to run its 1st batch, need better applications or you're expanding your targeted locations and industries, Marketing should be a priority.
There is a quick-start list, of things you can do to raise awareness, market your program better, and promote your vision.

Invest in your offerings

  • Find hard-to-book and hot (in a startup way) mentors.
  • Provide a minimum funding ticket, or a money award for the best doing startups.
  • Highlight the uniqueness of your program's offerings by letting the world know.

Develop your Branding

  • Create a clear and simple brand for the program, echoing its goals and future impact.
  • Put work in designing a great Logo & Social Media Posts. Learn more here.
  • Run a monthly or biweekly Newsletter for local startup news and updates about the program.

Schedule a Press Launch

  • Online Blogs and Local Media are powerful tools to announce your program, for free.
  • Plan a Press Launch, by creating a Press Release for the program about opening applications and a second Press Release once the startups are chosen.
  • Once the program's over, post a Press Release about its impact and results. And give media the opportunity to interview the most successful startups created.
  • Remind the startups to mention participation in the program, in their Press Releases afterwards.
  • Create a list of bloggers and reporters you want to reach. You can find email by googling or on RocketReach, or send them a Twitter dm, or a message from the Medium's contact form.
  • Email them in advance about Launching your program, and ask them to be Media Sponsors / Partners. It's crucial to sell them why your program is important to blog about - what's its value to the community and their readers.
  • Once the announcements are published, you can publish your program's blog and retweet/ share every media's mention to your social accounts.

Leverage Social Media

  • Open Social Media Accounts at least on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. And post updates about everything's going on with the program.
  • Run virtual events to allow future applicants to learn about the program. You can use Facebook Live + Facebook Events (great tools and will bring some attendances), create a LinkedIn event and invite all related connections as long as your mentors (will bring you many targeted participants).
  • Schedule online talks/ panels with your mentors, and tag them in to posts to raise awareness to their followers.
  • With the Univation Platform, we provide a full-stack Social Media Launch service to skyrocket your program's participation and awareness. Learn more here.

Tap into your Mentors

  • Ask them to tweet, post or publish a blog post about the program and why they joined, to raise awareness in their audience.
  • Announce their participation in posts tagging them on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Run Google Ads for free

We give away a $300-$1.000 credits in Google Ads, with any Univation Platform Plan. But we also provide full-stack marketing services for your program. Request a quote, here.

Run your program on the Univation Platform

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Minas Marios Kontis
May 7, 2022