Incubators Checklist

Plan for Mentors, Operations & Tools, Marketing and Graphic Design |
Best Practises for Incubators

▢ Choose Courses and Curriculum

The Learnings and Skill Development your program gives the participants is a crucial piece of the whole Incubator experience.

Check these Curriculums to get inspired or even use as Templates for your own program:

▢ Find and Book Mentors

Mentors are a major component for the success of your Incubator and the hosted Startups, as they guide, inspire, provide expertise and hold founders accountable.

In this article, we talk about who are, why, where and how you will attract and book the Perfect Mentors for your program.

▢ Prepare for Operations

Your program will need to:

  1. Receive and Manage Applications
  2. Develop your Community
  3. Run Virtual Calls & Live Events

In this article, we sum up the needed operations and best tools to run them.

▢ Get ready to Launch

Your program's launch will be critical for the number and quality of the applications you will receive. So it's important to get it right:

  1. Develop your Branding
  2. Schedule a Press Launch
  3. Leverage Social Media and Mentors' audience
  4. Run Google Ads for free

In this article, we list all the marketing tips and tool to get your program to the world.

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To run your Incubator, you need a Platform

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Minas Marios Kontis
May 7, 2022