In-Demand Service

Program Planning, Mentors Scouting, Marketing & Brand Design
We now provide programs run on the Univation Platform with in-demand services, Thus, you can launch the best version of your Program, Incubator, Accelerator or Competition, etc.

In-Demand Services:

  • Program Planning - Planning for the Program's timeline, and managing back-end operations, and applications.
  • Curriculum Building - Choosing the courses of the program (either from our library or taught live by your Program Mentors) and Organizing Community events like office hours, demo day and others.
  • Mentors Scouting & Training - Scouting, finding and training the ideal Mentors for your Program.
  • Digital Marketing - Providing a Social Media plan, with automated-scheduled post and announcements for LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Newsletter.
  • Brand Design - Creating a powerful yet simple Logo for your program, and graphics for the Social Media Posts and Website.
  • Platform Customization and Training - We take full responsibility to build the best version of your program, run on the Univation Platform, that we fully customize and set up.
The In-Demand Services are provided without cost to Universities. Learn more about University Partnerships here.

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Minas Marios Kontis
June 9, 2022