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7 Tools for DIY Logo & Graphics Design (yet look professional)
7 Tools for DIY Logo & Graphics Design (yet look professional) for Incubators and Accelerators
A great brand design for an Incubator, Accelerator or Startup Program is the simplest yet beautiful. One that communicates, in words, colors, and shapes, the goals and the intended impact of the program.

There are plenty of tools available on the web to create a Logo, a Website design and a Social Media template set, without being a designer.

For Logos:

For Social Media Posts:

  • Canva, a great tool, for both static images, graphics and videos, with 100s of templates.
  • Figma, a UI tool that's so easy to use that has become popular with all. Also provides great templates for your posts, created by the community.

For Website Design, we use Webflow, but Typedream or Carrd are some other simpler options.

Example: We created a brand design (with Logo Maker) of this program named "Enter", targeted to graduates and employees who want to join the startup race.

Its goal is to suggest the ideas of entrepreneurship and starting up to first-time founders.

The results are impressive, as the logo comes clean, fresh and vibrant, and we created it in just 2 minutes.

If you're running or consider running your program on the Univation Platform, we offer full-stack Graphic Design (Logo, Social Media, plus other Graphics). To learn more submit the form, here.

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Minas Marios Kontis
May 7, 2022