Curriculum Events

Curriculum Events ideas for your Accelerator or Incubator
During an Accelerator's curiculum, there are many events to help the participants meet each other, stay accountable and build their idea, and learn get feedback.
Like Y Combinator, many Accelerators do not require founders to attend weekly general courses. Instead, founders are motivated to focus on building their idea, and provided with a library of courses (learn more here), and with weekly events.
We created a list of the events every accelerator should have in the curiculum, to help founders focus on starting, building and launching .

During the first 2 weeks

Introductory events to learn teams get to know each other, and start building.

  • Founders Party: Celebrate founders participating in the program and get them to meet and mingle.
  • Prototype Day: In the second week, give the stage to the teams to show what they have been building by then. Thus, teams will be urge to start building to show their prototype. Those who will not have something to show, will be pushed by other's progress too.

Weekly organized

Regular events to acquire learnings, get feedback and create accountability.

  • Weekly Dinners: Weekly events with 1 major speaker (Mark Zuckerberg), like a mini Demo Day, QnA, Informal talks and advices. Keeps founders accountable by seeing each other's progress.
  • Office Hours: Talks with the program Mentors. Can be private or open to all founders, depending on the number and stage of participants. Talking about what to not worry about, the big vision and pivoting. Advice to launch only when have a better product than competition.

In the last 2 weeks

Having realized who's the ideal Mentor for your Program and how you are going to persuade them that your program's worth their time, you're ready to start pitching them. You can find them from:

  • Rehearsal for Demo Day: One week before the program ends, founders practice their pitches. Instead of investors, program alumni can judge the pitches.
  • Demo Day: Last day of the program. Founders give the 3-min pitch on stage, in front of the invited investors.
  • Graduating party: At the night of Demo Day, at nearby bars.

After the program's end

  • Reunion dinner for founders, after 6 weeks of graduation.

Lastly, a great way to continue the program is to encourage graduated founders to co-organize with you events about the program, at their companies and prompt new teams to apply.

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Minas Marios Kontis
May 7, 2022