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Volunteers Recruitment

Recruit Volunteers to support with Event Operations

Students who want to be closer the event and the speakers, will apply to join you as volunteers. They will be the best supporters and promoters of your event.

Volunteers Roles

  • Community Members: 10-100 volunteers
    Community members will be the ones who will be responsible for the event-date duties, like registrations, welcoming guests and speakers. They will also grow and share the event with their fellows and on their social, help you brainstorm ideas, and support for every other operation.
  • Bloggers: 1-5 volunteers
    Bloggers write for the event blog, with articles about University Entrepreneurship, Speakers' Interviews etc.
  • Photographers: 1-5 volunteers
    Photographers will shot the best moments of the event, of the inspiring Speakers and the engaged Audience.


  • Set an application-period deadline to urge the students to become volunteers.
  • Set a clear volunteering period, including pre-event and after-event phases.
  • Contact your Volunteers as soon as possible, once they apply. Best to let them not wait more than 24 hours.

Volunteers Call

  • Open Volunteers Call following Social Media: Facebook & Instagram & LinkedIn guide - at least 1-2 months before the event to choose the applicants, train them, and build your teamThe application deadline should be open for 1-2 weeks (inc. extending deadlines), based on the number of applicants you have received.

Selection Process

  1. Sort the bad applications out - the ones that are obvious misfits.
  2. Reach out to applicants - while the Applications are open and start conducting Interviews to save time. If the applicants' number is very big, rate them from 1 to 5 and start with the most promising ones.
  3. Interview Call - Schedule an interview via Calendly or Doodle and Whereby or Google Meet

Reach out

You should send an encouraging email message and prompt to the the next step: Interview.

  • Reach out as soon as possible. Don't make future volunteers to wait and lose excitement!
  • Try to not send massively and very fast the same message, because Gmail may mark it spam.
  • If there's a big number of applicants to reach out, you can try an automated sender such as (free) - to not be blocked as spam by Gmail

✉️ Reach out Email Template


Bill Gates Speech at the University of Harvard | Tech and the City 2021


Hey Christina,

We are happy to receive your application for Tech and the City University of Macedonia! In the vision of inspiring students to Startup and make their ideas happen, we need a great team to make this happen.

As the next step of your application, we would like to get to know you. Please book an online interview call with our team here: .

Sincerely yours,

Tech and the City team

Interview Guide

  • Keep Interviews short, about 10-15 mins each
  • Can do Group Interviews if applications too many
  • Try to understand the motivations, Why they applied and How much of suitable they are for your team
  • A little info about routine, goals, studies should be enough

Here is an example Interview Questioner to conduct your interviews:

✅️ Interview Guide Template

Tech and the City Volunteers Interview.xlsx

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Minas Marios Kontis
JUL 15, 2022