Tech and the City

Volunteers Management

From 1st Meeting to Event Day: Manage and Develop your Volunteers

Building the team

  • Find the best ones among applicants to join your Team, contact them soon and welcome them with congratulations!
  • Send everyone an email to get ready for the 1st meeting.

1st Meeting

Goals of your 1st meeting should be to:

  • ⭐ Introduce everyone to each other
  • ⭐ Make everyone feel friendly and break the ice with some games
  • ⭐ Share the vision you have about the event
  • ⭐ Split volunteers into roles-teams and inform about tasks:
    1. Blog team can brainstorm on articles ideas and assign
    2. Community team can brainstorm about speakers, and ideas to promote the event in the University
  • ⭐ Clarify the next steps - invite them to a Messenger Group or a Discord server (1 group for all and 1 per subteam)
  • At the end, you can also invite them to a coffee shop to hang out together for the first time

Bonding-games to break the ice

  • Run "Your own Tech and the City" Workshop, and make teams of up to 4 volunteers to let them groundbreak their teamwork and befriend each other
  • Name Introductions and of the reason joining Tech and the City team.
  • Each sharing a personal funny Story.
  • Each sharing a short inspirational Story.
  • Count to 10. The team leader starts at 1, and every member could count to the next number. If 2 or more tell the same number, the counting restarts.

Bi-Weekly Meetings

To keep colunteers engaged and updated about new tasks and event progress a bi-weekly or monthly mandatory meeting or training (online or physical) should be introduced. Thus:

  • Fosters the sense of responsibility
  • Keeps Volunteers Engaged
  • Gives the meeting opportunities, to get to know each other
  • Introduce Speakers to the meetings and bring Mentors who will train them on their role

After the Event

You should clarify to the volunteers that they will work not only for the event day but even beyond that. Until the next team will be responsible to run the next event. Usually, we see most volunteers disappear after the event day. This is what you have to avoid to keep the team engaged.

  • Create a Volunteer Certificate, as part of a gift, and give them away at a feedback/ summing up meeting

Team Guide Completed

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Minas Marios Kontis
JUL 15, 2022