Tech and the City


Create your Story and prepare your Speech for a Tech and the City event

Create your Story

The topics of your story can be:

  • Startups Stories
  • Future Technologies
  • Personal Growth

The theme of the panel of representatives from the student groups is shaped according to the issues in which the general theme of the event will move through the speeches.

As you prepare for your talk, keep this guide in mind by following these steps.

1. Familiarize yourself with the form of speeches

Tech and the City consists of a series of 15' minute speeches aimed at inspiring and creating a vision for students to innovate.

If you are afraid that you will exceed 15 minutes, keep in mind that many have done it in less time. Surely you can too!

2. Develop your idea! Why is it good for speech?

It can be something new, an innovation or even the differentiation of an already existing idea. You do not need to be an expert, but do not forget that your audience relies on you. Therefore, make sure you have solid sources, use facts or even consult an expert.

Is your idea ready?

Then write it in 2-3 lines and ask yourself:

It's a fresh idea, what makes it interesting to the public? Is it quite realistic?

If you answered no, then there is room for improvement and your team can guide you through when it is ready and cover the above questions.

3. Build your idea and prepare an outline of the speech

What is the best structure you can follow? There is none! It works differently for everyone, however it will help you to

  • Maintain the interest of your audience by making it identify
  • Explain your idea and describe it with facts
  • Reveal your point of view to them. What was it that motivated you, how and why, in this idea.
  • How it will affect the public

Whatever structure you choose, remember, it's important to have effective communication with your audience and a clear understanding structure

4. Create slides, prepare a presentation

What does a presentation contain?

Start with one piece of information per slide. The texts should be simple and in as few words as possible.

Avoid numbering and dots.

Use images and graphs to emphasize, help your audience remember, understand something.

5. Rehearsal and Practice many times

It is not enough to have prepared it in your mind. Propose it in small and large groups, to people whose opinion you are afraid of, but also to your own people, to colleagues and others who are not experts.

Accept the criticism, learn from it and continue to practice and improve your speech.

Finally, work on your posture, time, and actual speech conditions.

6. Give your speech, record it and enjoy the glory!

Tip 1: Avoid thanking at the end of your speech, respectively you can praise them for how good the audience was or close with the moral lesson of your story.

Tip 2: Try to be excited, focused and in touch with the listener

Software to use: To record your speech for an online event, we're suggesting you use Loom.

Caution! Your talk should aim to give inspiration and vision to students and not to advertise your work

Making Startup Stories sound more impactful

Level 1

We made an improved "xyz".

Level 2

We took xyz and made it faster, bigger, better.

Level 3

We are gonna disrupt xyz industry.

Level 4

We are revolutionizing the way everybody/ students /specific demographic does anything. Fundamental change.

Level 5

Change the world. Make it better. Millions or billions of lifes will change. Fundamental change.

The hero’s journey Example

Our story begins when the hero is called to act to solve a problem.

At first he resists the problem, but sometimes he is convinced that he must act. On his journey he encounters obstacles, mentally and physically. Nevertheless, the hero finds the solution he seeks and is rewarded.

What happens next?

After the hero enjoys his reward for a while, he looks for new problems and new solutions.

Unlike the life of a normal person which is a straight line, the life of our hero is a turbulent cycle.

Another Example

For Students speakers

The are the heroes who are challenged, risk and get rewarded.

For Mentors

They are the ones that brought the challenge to the hero, introduced them to a whole new world, and helped the hero to cope with the risks and succeed.

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