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Sponsorships Guide

Find and Book Sponsors for you Event
💡 As a Sponsorship Manager, you are responsible to bring Money and Resources, through sponsorship partnerships, to the event.


Why you need to raise funds for:

  • Event Space
  • Event Advertisement
  • Running cost of the team (team activities, food for volunteers etc.)
  • Travel and Accommodation cost for the speakers
  • Univation Platform development


1. Start at least 1-3 months before the event. Planning takes times but even more for the companies to decide whether to support you or not

2. Make a list of the most suitable and most possible, to sponsor your event, partners.

3. Find the benefit they get by sponsoring you. Startups and big tech companies usually sponsor local events to engage with the community, find local talent to hire.

4. Contact them directly via email, or ask for an introduction to the right person in the company. Many times, the one that directs sponsorships is the Marketing Manager, the Public Relations Manager, or in bigger companies the Social Responsibility Department Management.

5. Track your email opens via Mailtrack and follow-up via email and via phone calls as most

6. Develop your Relation with them and present them the opportunity.

7. Sponsored closed Congrats - Not closed keep it up

8. Follow-up with a Thank you message after the event. Show them the results and awareness their company got by supporting the event.


Suggested Packages/ Perks

🥉Basic $200, Sponsor Badge on Site, all-access to event
🥈Plus $500, Basic + Sponsor Badge on Site, Newsletter, Livestream of the event
🥇Exclusive $1.000, Plus + First and biggest Sponsor Badge, 1 30' sponsored workshop
🛍️ In-kind Sponsor, who gives a product or service for free. Such as food, hotel nights for the speakers, or the space of the event

Remember that Perks Price are decided based on the area and should be adjusted for online events.



  • All sponsors should be added to your Event Page
  • No sponsors promotion on social media
  • Not allowed for sponsors to be speakers - only sponsored workshop can be organized
  • Not allowed for sponsors to ask you to change the agenda or the subject of any speech of your event
Minas Marios Kontis
JUL 15, 2022