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Social Media

A list of Pre-events you can organize to engage the Community

Posts Calendar

This is an easy, 1-month Social Media Calendar as a best practice for Tech and the City marketing.

Posts Templates

🟨 Engagement Posts

  • Blog Post
Blog Post
  • Call to Action: "Apply for Volunteer" or "Register for the Event"
  • Sharing Univation's content or Speakers' speech from other Tech and the City events

🟧 Meetup and Pre-Events


For Panels

🟪 Workshops

🟦 Teaser

Countdown Post

Phases, Tips & Rules


1. Page Launch - Ready Posts need to be posted, to launch your page and make look active. Need to be customized to your University name. link

2. Volunteers Call - Template posts, calling for Students to participate and grow the team.

3. Engagement - not having event updates, posting tech news or re-sharing posts.

4. Main Event - Template posts, about specific event announcements, speakers etc.

Social Media Rules

  1. Trust and Follow the Marketing Plan. It's designed based on the original Tech and the City Marketing. Start by publishing standard posts of the "Page Launch" phase.
  2. Make it yours. Localize it. Make twists, experiments on your audience. Learn beyond you to market on social media.
  3. No posts about Companies (other than Univation Startups or innovative idea) and Sponsors.
  4. No posts about other Events, other Student Teams and University Clubs. Tech and the City is the meeting point for every student who wants to learn about startups, tech and entrepreneurship. We should inspire them through our focused program and not presenting irrelevant student clubs and volunteering teams.
  5. Focus on your University Community, because it will support you grow. Make it relevant to your University students. When a Stanford student reads about "Tech and the City Stanford" is much more likely to attend than a generalized even "Tech and the City" or "Tech and the City San Fransisco".


  • Create well-written Posts. The shorter the caption the better. At least 3 posts per week. Don’t forget the hashtags e.g. #TechAndTheCityStanford .
  • Use your Tech and the City event name as your handle (e.g., @TechandtheCity[name]).
  • Videos are better than photos and photos are better than text.
  • Plan & Schedule posts on a weekly basis. On Facebook via posting tools and use software like "buffer" for scheduled Instagram posts.
  • Use tools like “Facebook insights” to figure out when exactly to post.
  • If your audience is multilingual, use Facebook posting tools to add descriptions in multiple languages. Facebook will automatically match the language with your audience.
  • Invite your friends and guests to "like" your Facebook page. When they “like” your page, all of their friends will get notification of your page on their feed.
  • Announce speakers as you confirm them - once you book a speaker, let your Facebook fans know! Give them teasers on your speakers’ talk, and make sure to “tag” any speakers who may have their own Facebook page.
  • Giving kudos to other Tech and the City events is a great way to engage others in the community, and encourage other Tech and the City events spread the word about your event. There’s a reason why they call it social “networking”!
  • Share blog posts - If you have a blog (which we’ll talk about next), post all of your blog posts on your Facebook page. Spark conversation by asking a question related to the post.
  • Include your Facebook, Instagram & LinkedIn page URL in all of your email updates.

Customization per Media

  • Facebook: Share as Posts the Speakers and Workshop Announcements, Engagement posts, and share as Stories the small updates/ behind the scenes - tag Speakers and Partners!
  • Instagram: Share as Posts the Speakers and Workshop Announcements, and important Engagement posts only - less posts - anything else, to be shared as Stories - tag Speakers and Partners - and post live updates leading up to the event.
  • LinkedIn: Same as Facebook - tag Speakers and Partners!
  • Twitter: Share any Post or Update as a tweet.

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JUL 15, 2022