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Get Local Press, Media and Blog to Feature your Event

Thorough Press, Blogs, and Online Media you can promote your upcoming Tech and the City event, tease about the speakers and attract a bigger audience.

Many blogs will be happy to promote your event as soon as it is something innovative, useful to students and free of course!

  • Stay local and target wisely
  • Look for Medias publisishing stories connected to the University

Media Sponsorship

  • Don’t email every outlet you know. Media Sponsor’s audience should match yours in both demographics and interests
  • Target Student Blogs and portals close to your University Community
  • Find Media Sponsors that have promoted similar events in your community
  • Create a plan, list the most suitable Media and start contacting them about 2-3 weeks before the announcement day
  • Ask for a meeting
  • Use apps like Mailtrack so you know when your emails are opened
  • Always follow up after a few days

Get in Contact Εmail

Email Subject:

Partnership Proposal | Tech and the City - the biggest/ hottest Student Tech Event



I am contacting you, on behalf of Tech and the City "Your University Name", for a Media Sponsorship partnership.

Tech and the City aims to bring Innovation, Tech and Entrepreneurship closer to the University. To help and inspire Students to make their ideas happen and create startups that may change the world.

We believe that [Media Sponsors Name] as a promoter of information, innovation and fresh ideas, would be a great match in our effort to share innovative and inspirational ideas.

This year's event will be held online on [Date] and it's estimated that [number] people will attend it. Attached to this email is our press release for the event, that you can share with your audience.

For any questions do not hesitate to contact us!

Kind regards,


Attached Files

🔗Press Release - Tech and the City

(Click duplicate, customise, export as PDF and attach in the email)

Press release

  • Brief document that shares something newsworthy
  • You should wright it as a journalist that covers a news story
  • One page is often more than enough
  • Be direct, comprehensive & establish emotional connection

The “5 W’s” you should never forget

  1. Who: Who’s involved in the news story?
  2. What: What’s happening? What’s it about?
  3. When: When is it going to happen?
  4. Where: Where will this event take place?
  5. Why: Why is this information relevant to a reader?

Example Press Release - for youth/student Media

Tech and the City comes to University of Patras

The major event for entrepreneurship and innovation comes to Patras University. Register and become part of it!

Are you a student of Patras University and want to be part of the organising team of the biggest online event about entrepreneurship and technology?

The event of “Tech and the City” comes to your university for the first time and invites you to become a member of its team!

Based on its “From Student to Entrepreneur” vision, Tech and the City Patras comes, through a series of speeches and “From Idea to Startup” workshops, to bring students in contact with new technologies, ambitious startuppers and visionaries of tomorrow.

  • Want to get to know the innovation world and discover the potentials of new technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), the Internet of Things and Blockchain?
  • Want to meet the people who have created startups in Patras and consult them?
  • Do you have an idea that you want to fulfil and want to know what are the steps you need to follow?

If the answer to any of the above was "YES", then you have nopthing better to do than join the Tech and the City (University) team!

Fill out the form below to join a team full of new ideas and mood for innovation:

Deadline for applications: Sunday, February 7

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Minas Marios Kontis
JUL 15, 2022