Tech and the City

Community Partners

Bring more people to your event through Community Partners
Community Parnterships engage organically and without cost people from the local Community.
  • Student Teams (campus-based mostly)
  • Innovation Organizations (incubators, accelerators, University Research centers)

How to sell it: Tech and the City is an opportunity for Student Teams' members. Because our programs are free but have limited availability, each team should want to publish our announcements as a new opportunity for its network.

Promotion of Tech and the City by a Student Team

  • "Call for volunteers" share in social channels (Facebook post, Instagram Story)
    Posting of a video teaser on Social Media, a short explanation of the event with the call-to-action to apply as Organizing Team, and publishing of the Press Release Announcement on teams' Blog/ Site
  • ✅ Tickets Announcement post share in social channels
    Tech and the City: Posting of Tickets Call
  •  Team-Participation in the Live Panel - if applicable
    Posting of screenshot of the Live Panel, tagging Tech and the City

What Students Teams get back

  • ✅ Community Partner Badge & Logo featuring in Tech and the City Site
  • ✅ Exclusive all-access Tickets
  • Presidents of Student Teams in a Live Panel about Students Startups - not promoting their team but answering on how can a student Startup (limited - the top 5 teams should be selected to participate)

👊How to Closes Community Partners

  • You can send them first a quick Facebook Message with the opportunity and the excact Post to share, accompanied with the request to be your Community partners.
  • If they want to learn more, you can send an email with 1) a PDF Pitchdeck of the event and 2) the exact Community Parnteship Proposal.
  • We provide 3 Templates, for Facebook, LinkedIn and Email.

Facebook Message:

Hey there,

We're organizing the Tech and the City - an event to inspire students to Startup.

We're looking for Volunteers to join our team.

You can help us by sharing the following post - and inviting your team and volunteers to join forces with us.

Your support as a student club is important and would like to welcome you on our event as Community Partners.

Thanks in advance,

Tech and the City Team


Following Post

LinkedIn Message:

Hey (Name),

I found you through the WHU network. We are looking for a Head Organiser of Tech and the City - an event to inspire students to Startup.

1. Your Profile seems like a great match. Are you intested in joining us?

2. Can you make us an intro to any fellow Students interested in Tech and Volunteering?

3. Your Tech background would help us find the perfect Speakers! Can you give us any Speakers Suggestions?

Looking forward hearing from you.

Kind regards,

Email Message Subject:

Partnership Proposal | Tech and the City (University Name)


Dear (Name),

We'd like to partner with you for our upcoming event Tech and the City (University Name).

The event's goal is to inspire students to Startup; With 8+ Student Founders and Entrepreneurs Speakers and 4 Startup Workshops.

We're inviting you joining forces as Community Parnters.

More info in the Attached PDF.

Thanks in advance,

Tech and the City Team

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Minas Marios Kontis
JUL 15, 2022