Tech and the City

Build your Team

Build the Team that will turn your vision into a great Tech and the City event

0. Roles

Head Organizer

As a Head Organizer, you have mission to build your team-family and create an experience for your University.


  • Community Manager - Volunteers Recruitment & Coaching, Pre-events Organizing
  • Marketing Manager - Social Media, Press, Blog, Partners & other Marketing
  • Speaker Coach - Reaching, Booking and Coaching Speakers
  • Sponsorship Manager - Fundraising for the Costs of the event
  • IT Manager - Setting up Livestream & IT, Video Calling and Streaming software

1. Recruiting

  • Invite your friends you trust to join your team and work together - Be sure they are as excited as you, unless more
  • Plan the Application Form & Interview
  • Reach Student teams to share it
  • Share it on your own social
  • Open an official call for recruiting co-organizers at your University
  • Connect with University's offices to share it to all the students' email - template here

2. Team Building

You may have your members. Now you need to build the team.

  • First get-to-know meeting, cool chat - for ice-breaking you can try games or a team challenge that will make your members cooperate
  • Present them your big vision about a big event
  • Brainstorm Speakers, Event Dates, Venues etc.

3. Start Planning

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