Tech and the City

Blog Guide

Posts to create for a Tech and the City event

Posts Topics:

Inspirational Articles

  1. Inspirational
  2. Opinions
  3. How-to guides
  4. Examples: Fearless Failure: Does it really exist? or Why we need a CFO who Downhills

Campus/ Local Startup Stories

  1. Guest posts - Invite founders or students outside the team to write one's or their opinion personal story as an inspirational journey
  2. An article exploring 3-5 Startups founded by graduates or students and connecting them to the campus
  3. Example: I Got Rejected by Y Combinator... So I'm building my own Incubator.

Speakers Interviews

  1. Interviews by Local Team of Event's Speakers, to explore personal opinions and stories, different options and views on the world
  2. Example: A Conversation With Pavel Durov

Event Updates/ Press Releases (PR)

  1. Introduction to Tech and the City and Team Positions Announcement - PR
  2. Volunteers Call Announcement
  3. Speakers Announcement and Call for Attendees - PR
  4. Post Event
    a) A summarizing article about the event day, speeches, vibes, and the team as a closure - PR
    b) Following up individual posts, analyzing/describing each speech with a video link to speech‍
  5. Team Experience: "How we organized this Tech and the City, team introduction and thoughts"

How to Write a Blog Post

The style of your writing should offers really simple, headlined, organized thoughts, through many times with stories and powerful examples.

We have some guide points to consider for writing such a post:

  1. Keep it simple
    If it's difficult to understand any point, make it simpler. Cut and shorten the phrases and period. Use simpler grammar. But feel free to give extraordinary meanings and vocabulary.
  2. 4-min rule
    Short and fast to read articles are obviously more possible to be read. In internet-style posts the ideal is from 2, up to 4 minutes max.
  3. Catchy Title & Content or Interesting to the heart
    Be empathized with your possible readers. Think about what problems they may have and write a how-to guiding article (like this one). Feel their feelings to write about inspirational and thoughts. The most popular articles around the community are "I dropped out of XYZ University. How I went through and finally started a startup" or "How I turn f"
  4. Be authentic - Speak by your voice inside your head
    Everyone hates when something sounds fake, inauthentic, or trying-to-much, like bad TV advertisements.
  5. Speak with Stories and examples - Avoid much Generality
    The most memorable posts, speeches or lectures are the ones. When you try to pass a message or arrive at a conclusion, the use of stories or similar situations examples are the golds keys to make your points.
  6. Use Headlines as Stories Chapters
    Bullet, Numbers and sub-headlines to organize your flow of thoughts in your storytelling.
  7. Use tags and Important Words
    Make your Story friendly for Google too! Do not hesitate to use viral, clarified and specific key words.
  8. Add images (and name the image files accordingly for good SEO) and add formation (bold, bullets etc.)
  9. Start Reading and Practice Writing now!


You can publish your Blog Posts on the Univation site through the Event's Manager Platform.

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JUL 15, 2022