Univation organizes Hackathon at Université Paris 8 - ERUAHackAThon : A Journey from Insight to Innovation at

Hackathon at Université Paris 8 - ERUAHackAThon


The 2nd ERUAHackAThon 2023 at Université Paris 8 has been a resounding success. With a unique approach that blended community immersion with practical workshops, the event, led by Minas Marios Kontis, created a fertile ground for innovation in urban neighborhoods.

Day One: Community Immersion

The hackathon began with participants touring Saint-Denis neighborhoods, engaging with locals to understand their real-world challenges. This hands-on experience provided valuable insights, setting the stage for meaningful solution development.

Day Two: Workshops with Minas Marios Kontis

Minas Marios Kontis facilitated intensive workshops, guiding participants on transforming ideas into tangible products. These workshops covered the creation of business model canvases, fast prototyping, and development of marketing strategies using artificial intelligence tools like DALL·E AI for visualizing concepts.

Day Three: Pitching and Presentation

The final day was dedicated to learning the art of pitching. Participants presented their well-crafted ideas and plans to the university community, showcasing their journey from initial concepts to viable business proposals.

Innovative Ideas at ERUAHackAThon 2023

The ERUAHackAThon 2023 was a hub of innovative thinking, where two particular ideas stood out due to their significant potential for impact:

  1. Smart Green Roofing Initiative: An urban sustainability project where participants develop a blueprint for green roofs in Saint-Denis. These roofs, equipped with sensors and IoT technology, would not only provide green spaces but also monitor air quality and support urban wildlife.
  2. Community-Centric Mobility App: An app idea focused on enhancing local transportation, integrating real-time data from public transit and community feedback. This app aims to optimize routes and accessibility, particularly for those in less serviced areas, promoting inclusivity in urban mobility.


ERUAHackAThon 2023 exemplified a holistic approach to learning and innovation, where understanding community needs was as crucial as mastering technical and business skills. The event marked a significant step towards nurturing future entrepreneurs and change-makers.