Stanford University Student VC Challenge 2024

Stanford University Student VC Challenge 2024


Stanford University's Student VC Challenge 2024 is an innovative online event where students transform into venture capitalists for a unique learning experience. This challenge aims to immerse participants in the world of startup investment and venture capital.

Event Format

  • Educational Workshops: Pre-event online sessions on venture capital basics and startup evaluation.
  • Simulation Challenge: Students act as VCs, evaluating real startup pitches and making investment decisions.
  • Mentorship from Industry Professionals: Guidance from experienced venture capitalists and entrepreneurs.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Understanding startup valuation and investment strategies.
  • Gaining insights into the venture capital ecosystem.
  • Developing skills in financial analysis and decision-making.


The Stanford University Student VC Challenge offers a practical, immersive experience into venture capital, providing students with invaluable skills and knowledge in startup investment.