No-Code Development Essentials Seminar

Enter the world of app creation with Univation's "No-Code Development Essentials Seminar." This seminar is a game-changer for anyone who's dreamed of building their own app but felt held back by a lack of coding skills. In this 1-4 hour session, participants will:

  1. Discover No-Code Platforms: Introduction to tools like, Glide Apps, and others.
  2. Build Like a Pro: Learn to create complex apps with ease.
  3. Practical, Hands-On Experience: Develop your own prototype during the seminar.
  4. Marketing and Monetization: Strategies for launching and profiting from your app.
  5. Leverage AI and Latest Tech: Incorporate cutting-edge AI tools in no-code development.
  6. Networking and Collaboration: Connect with fellow aspiring developers and innovators.


Imagine creating your own version of Facebook or Airbnb without writing a single line of code. Univation brings this possibility to life with the "No-Code Development Essentials Seminar." This seminar is a dynamic, hands-on experience where students and aspiring app developers can turn their ideas into reality using no-code platforms. From building complex web applications on to crafting mobile apps with Glide Apps, participants will discover the power of no-code development. This is your chance to break the barriers of traditional app development and step into a world where your creative vision can come to life, code-free!

Audience and Participation

This seminar is perfect for a diverse group of 30-100 participants, from students exploring the world of app development to professionals with app ideas but no coding background. The seminar's format is designed to cater to all levels of experience, ensuring that each participant can follow along and create something remarkable. It's a collaborative environment where ideas are shared, and innovative solutions are born.

Detailed Seminar Content

  1. Discover No-Code Platforms: Get acquainted with leading no-code platforms like, which allows for the creation of complex, scalable web apps, and Glide Apps for sleek mobile applications. We'll also explore how tools like Notion can be used for building effective landing pages and marketing sites.
  2. Build Like a Pro: Learn how to use these platforms to create robust, fully functional apps. Participants will be guided through the process of turning their app ideas into working prototypes, showing just how quickly and easily one can build platforms akin to industry giants like Facebook or Airbnb.
  3. Practical, Hands-On Experience: This is where the real fun begins. Under expert guidance, participants will start building their own apps during the seminar. This hands-on approach not only cements the learning but also provides a real sense of achievement.
  4. Marketing and Monetization: Creating the app is just the first step. We'll cover strategies for launching your app to the public, attracting users, and ways to monetize your creation effectively.
  5. Leverage AI and Latest Tech: Delve into the latest advancements in tech, including AI-driven tools that can enhance no-code development. Discover how AI can be used for tasks like generating website content, optimizing user experience, and automating processes within your app.
  6. Networking and Collaboration: The seminar is also a networking event where you can connect with other aspiring developers, exchange ideas, and potentially collaborate on future projects.


The No-Code Development Essentials Seminar by Univation is where dreams meet reality. It’s an opportunity for anyone, regardless of their technical background, to become an app developer. This seminar not only teaches you how to use no-code platforms but also inspires you to think creatively and innovatively. Join us for this transformative experience and take the first step towards becoming a no-code developer. Your journey to creating the next big app starts here at Univation's No-Code Development Essentials Seminar!