Mastering Cold Emailing & Outreach Seminar

Transform your outreach with Univation's "Mastering Cold Emailing & Outreach Seminar." In this dynamic one-hour session, you’ll learn how to craft emails that open doors and create opportunities, inspired by strategies used by leading brands like Google, Airbnb, and HubSpot. The seminar includes:

  1. Cold Emailing Principles: The psychology behind successful outreach.
  2. Big Brand Strategies: Learning from giants like Apple, Dropbox, and LinkedIn.
  3. Effective Email Crafting: Techniques for engaging and persuasive emails.
  4. Practical Workshop: Crafting and refining your outreach.
  5. Maximizing Engagement: Tips to boost response rates.
  6. Case Studies Analysis: Examining successful campaigns by major brands.


Ever wondered how top companies like Google and Apple initiate impactful conversations through cold emailing? Univation's "Mastering Cold Emailing & Outreach Seminar" is your chance to unlock these secrets. This seminar is designed for those eager to master the art of communication used by market leaders. From students looking to build networks to startup founders pitching to investors, the skills taught here are invaluable. Learn how companies like Airbnb used cold outreach to build their billion-dollar empire, and how Dropbox’s clever email strategies significantly boosted their user base.

Audience and Participation

Aimed at a group of 30-100 ambitious individuals, this seminar caters to students, young marketers, and startup founders. The format is interactive, offering participants a chance to engage, learn, and apply these high-level strategies in real-time. It's an opportunity to not just learn but also network with peers and experts, sharing insights and experiences.

Detailed Seminar Content

  1. Cold Emailing Principles: Understand the core elements that make cold emails by companies like HubSpot so effective. What makes their communication compelling and what strategies do they use to capture attention?
  2. Big Brand Strategies: Analyze the outreach techniques of industry giants. How did Apple’s precise and direct emailing approach help in their B2B relationships? How does Google use cold emailing for its various services and products? Learn from these giants to understand how to create impact.
  3. Effective Email Crafting: Delve into the art of writing persuasive emails. Learn the techniques that enabled Dropbox to increase its customer base through referral marketing via email, and how LinkedIn uses personalized outreach to expand its professional network.
  4. Practical Workshop: Get hands-on experience by creating your own cold emails. Apply the strategies discussed, and receive feedback to refine your approach.
  5. Maximizing Engagement: Discover methods to enhance response rates. Learn from Airbnb’s initial strategies to engage with potential hosts and users, turning cold contacts into warm leads.
  6. Case Studies Analysis: Dive deep into successful campaigns by these major brands. Understand what worked, what didn’t, and how you can apply these learnings to your own outreach efforts.


Join Univation’s "Mastering Cold Emailing & Outreach Seminar" and step into a world where your emails open the same doors as those of the biggest brands. This seminar is not just about learning; it’s about transforming your outreach skills to align with industry leaders like Google, Apple, Airbnb, and more. It's time to elevate your communication skills to a level where every email sent is an opportunity waiting to be unlocked. Be part of this transformative experience and revolutionize the way you connect and communicate in the professional world.