Launch It & Sell It Workshop

The journey from a brilliant idea to a successful market launch is challenging, especially for student entrepreneurs and startup enthusiasts. Understanding this, Univation presents the "Launch It & Sell It Workshop," a concise yet comprehensive session designed to equip young innovators with essential launching and selling strategies. Tailored to fit into a busy student's schedule, this 2-3 hour workshop is a power-packed journey into the world of entrepreneurship, offering insights and tools crucial for a successful market debut.

Workshop Essence

The "Launch It & Sell It Workshop" is a masterclass in transforming ideas into viable business ventures. It covers the entire spectrum of launching a product – from initial market analysis to developing effective selling strategies. Participants will learn about identifying target markets, positioning their products, and creating compelling marketing messages.

The workshop also delves into the nuances of sales strategies, teaching participants how to effectively pitch their products, negotiate deals, and close sales. It's not just about theory; this workshop includes interactive sessions and real-life case studies, ensuring a hands-on learning experience.

Audience and Participation

Geared towards student entrepreneurs and startup enthusiasts, the workshop accommodates 20-50 participants, fostering an environment of focused learning and networking. This intimate setting allows for personalized guidance and interaction with peers and facilitators. Participants get the opportunity to present their ideas, receive feedback, and engage in thought-provoking discussions. This setting is ideal for those who are ready to take their first step into the entrepreneurial world or looking to refine their existing strategies.

Real-World Application

Univation's workshop is grounded in real-world applicability. Past participants have gone on to successfully launch their startups, attributing their initial success to the strategies learned in this workshop. For instance, a group of students launched an innovative app for efficient food delivery in college campuses, using techniques acquired from the workshop to effectively market and sell their service.

Another success story involves a sustainable fashion startup that utilized the workshop's lessons to strategically position their brand in a competitive market, leading to a successful launch and impressive initial sales figures.

Why This Workshop is a Must

The "Launch It & Sell It Workshop" is more than just a learning experience; it's a catalyst for action. It's facilitated by industry professionals who bring practical knowledge and insights. This workshop is a unique opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs to get a head start in the competitive business world.

Participants leave with not just knowledge, but also a newfound confidence in their ability to launch and sell their products. The skills and strategies learned here are timeless and applicable across various industries.


For student entrepreneurs and startup enthusiasts, the "Launch It & Sell It Workshop" by Univation is an invaluable opportunity to gain practical, market-ready skills in a short span of time. This workshop doesn't just teach you how to launch and sell; it inspires you to take action and turn your entrepreneurial dreams into reality. Join us at Univation for this transformative experience and take the first step towards launching your successful venture!