Generate Ideas & Choose One Workshop

The "Generate Ideas & Choose One Workshop" by Univation uniquely combines traditional brainstorming techniques with the added advantage of AI tools like ChatGPT. This workshop is designed for students and innovators looking to expand their creative horizons.

Workshop Dynamics

  • Audience: Students and innovators open to exploring new ideation methods.
  • Duration: An engaging 1-2 hour session.
  • Size: Suited for a focused group of 20-50 participants.
  • Special Feature: Incorporation of Univation AI tools as a supplementary aid in brainstorming.

Workshop Highlights

  • Traditional & AI-Enhanced Brainstorming: Explore various brainstorming techniques and learn how AI can offer unique perspectives.
  • Selecting Ideas with AI Insights: Use AI to provide additional data or angles to help in selecting the most promising idea.
  • Hands-On Interactive Experience: Participants will actively engage in brainstorming sessions, both traditional and AI-assisted, to experience the best of both worlds.


This workshop offers an innovative approach to idea generation and selection, perfect for those looking to enhance their creative process with the latest AI technology as an added tool, by Univation.