ERUA HackAThon 2023 at Chios Island: Blending Innovation with Aegean Charm

ERUA HackAThon 2023 at Chios Island


The first ERUA HackAThon on Chios Island was a memorable blend of innovation, local culture, and sustainability. Focused on Green-Blue Entrepreneurship and fostering resilient communities, this event marked a significant step towards sustainable development in the Aegean region, facilitated by Univation and Minas Marios Kontis..

Day One: Immersion and Brainstorming

Upon landing on the picturesque Chios Island, participants immersed themselves in brainstorming sessions, forming teams, and experiencing the local culture. The night was capped off with a traditional Greek feast, featuring fresh fish and ouzo, fostering camaraderie and creative exchange.

Day Two: Mentorship and Prototyping

The following day was filled with expert mentoring and development of ideas. Teams worked on branding, websites, and prototypes, refining their pitches under expert guidance. The evening brought everyone together again, this time over drinks, to discuss progress and insights.

Day Three: Presentations and Celebrations

The hackathon concluded with presentations in the university's ceremony hall, where local community members engaged, learning about applying innovation in everyday life. The event culminated with an awards ceremony and a celebratory pizza dinner.

Two Standout Innovations:

  1. Aegean Aqua-Drone Network: A fleet of drones enhancing marine ecosystem management.
  2. Chios Cultural Heritage VR Experience: A virtual platform promoting Chios's history and sustainable tourism.


The ERUA HackAThon 2023, organizes by Univation, on Chios Island was more than an event; it was an experience that intertwined community engagement, sustainability, and creative problem-solving in a uniquely Aegean setting.